Hike the Pipiwai Trail when you go to Maui

After a long day of driving the road to Hana and seeing various waterfalls and pools and beaches, you may decide not to bother with a 4 mile round trip hike to yet another waterfall and opt instead to just check out the olivine pools before beginning your return trip on the road from Hana. But if you do that, you will miss out on one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls you will ever see. At the end of Pipiwai trail, a 2 mile one way hike that takes you past several waterfalls, pools, banyan trees, and through a bamboo forest, you come to Waimoku falls. A 400+ foot tall waterfall awaits you, the kind you saw in the videos that made you want to come to Hawaii in the first place. And since most do not choose to make the hike, there arent many people there, you may even get to enjoy it with only whomever you hiked there with. For a 4 mile hike, it is not difficult. Bring drinking water and wear some comfortable shoes to hike in (not flip flops, you will regret it). Parts of the trail tend to be muddy, and you will have to cross a rocky creek a few times so your feet will get wet. And of course, once at Waimoku falls, you will want to get in the shallow pool (maybe 2 feet deep) and get under the falls themselves. And of course, bring your camera!

Visited October 2011

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