Holidays in India Unveiling the Splendors of this Incredible Land

Jodhpur -rajasthan

India is a medley of diverse culture, natural beauty, colorful festivals, adventure trails, amazing flora and fauna, royal and spiritual destinations owing to its sheer size, varied landscapes and religious tolerance. It is a place which lures and captivated all kind of travelers for different reasons. When it comes to tours to India, this country is blessed with great diversity that strives hard to gratify the different needs and breeds of global travelers.

India is firmly associated with royalty and opulent living. Scores of forts and palaces that dot the length and breadth of this incredible country speak volumes about the elegance and pomp of erstwhile rajas- maharajas of India. Today various forts and royal palaces of India especially Rajasthan have been converted into heritage hotels by renowned players of hospitality industry to provide the same king size luxury and feel of a royal living to the tourists opting for tours to India.  

India’s wide geographical diversity and pleasant weather has immensely contributed towards the widespread flora and fauna. Wildlife tours in India offers you great opportunities for close encounters with elusive and endangered wildlife species existing in various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries spread across this country. During wildlife safaris, experts also accompany you for safe and smart touring.

The pleasing weather and benevolent nature calls newlywed couples for honeymoon vacations in India. Spending intimate moments with your beloved amidst serene environs of nature elevates the romantic spirits within you. Romantic vacations can be experienced at the palm-fringed beaches and backwaters of Goa and Kerala respectively or in the backdrop of snow clad and mist mountains of Himalayas. There are many prodigious tour packages which offer romantic holiday trips in the lap of nature.

Just like nature, culture and heritage too forms an intrinsic part of tours to India. Cultural tours offers window to the heterogeneous cultures that are breathing here in perfect harmony. This assorted mix of cultures has resulted in the creation of various architectural marvels in the form of temples, mosques, mausoleums and historical sites such as Taj Mahal, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Jama Masjid, Khajuraho Temples and Qutub Minar etc. 


The age-old tradition of Ayurveda has become one of the most salient features for tours to India in recent years. Travelers from around the world come here to pacify their mind, body and soul and benefit from this holistic science which highly stresses upon the use of medicinal herbs and plants. Kerala and Rishikesh are the most favored destinations for Ayurvedic tours in India.

While opting for theme tours for holidays in India, one can indulge in some of the most opulent and exclusive activities that can make you holidays mesmerizing to the hilt such as travelling aboard luxury trains that traverse the course of royal and cultural destinations in India, staying in royal palaces and discussing good-old times with the maharajas and indulge in rejuvenating yet holistic spa therapies at the famous destination spa- Ananda in the Himalayas.

All the aforementioned options are just speck while there are many ways to explore the bounties of this incredible land. trip to India has many more options alike under its sleeves that offer ample opportunities to cherish unforgettable holiday experience. 

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