Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion ? The Natural Alternative to Vicks Rub

Vicks rub is probably the most popular decongestant chest rub out there, but most of us don’t bother to check the ingredients of this stuff. We just want something, anything, to open up our nose and allow us to finally fall asleep.

Well, just because you don’t swallow this stuff, doesn’t mean that some of its components aren’t sneaking in through your skin. And some of these components are highly questionable.

 Did you know that Vicks contain parabens? Parabens, which are used in many skin care products, have been linked to breast cancer in more than one study.

 How about turpentine oil? Yes, there’s turpentine oil in Vicks. Yikes. Would you want that stuff all over your child’s skin? I don’t think so.

 Home Remedy for Nasal Congestion – The Natural Alternative to Vicks

Fortunately, as always, there are effective and easy home remedies for nasal congestion, which are completely safe for adults and children alike...


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