Honeymoon Destinations - The Quest For Perfection

Perfection, what is perfection?  A question that can only truly be answered by you. When it comes to a honeymoon though, perfection is certainly something that we should all be aiming for. A honeymoon is potentially one of the most sacred and cherished holidays that you could ever have, you and your new husband/wife, so make sure you know what you want from perfection.

My idea of the perfect honeymoon would be sun, sand and Sangria – well possibly something a little more exotic than Sangria, but you get the idea! What I want is bliss and complete relaxation with a little bit of privacy thrown in for good measure.

I have compiled small list of my top three Beach Honeymoon destinations – enjoy!


Not only is Belize a destination that is perfectly suited to a honeymooning couple, but it is also the holiday destination of a lifetime! I have been many times and can’t recommend it enough! The people are friendly, both tourists and locals, but a big kudos to the locals, they are just fantastic! English being my first language, I find Belize to be a the perfect choice as the national language of the Island is English also.

Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, and this is a very positive attraction to the island, not only is the view immense from underwater, but the barrier is clear as day from land also. Naturally, as can be expected, Belize has some fantastic opportunities to go snorkelling and or scuba diving – both of which I would highly recommend.

Neatly nestled within Ambergris Caye is the Victoria House beach resort. This stunning resort is perfectly serene and private, but it’s not too far out of the way. A short distance from the resort is San Pedro Town. To be honest, the chances of you actually leaving the resort are slim! Fishing, diving, snorkelling, massage, spa and world class restaurants – what more could you ask for. Tropical heat, palms and exotic flowers – check. Has it all!


A sensational and pungent fragrance of Vanilla fills this island as you land a shore, but this is simply the first of many delights! The islands distinctly shaped like a flower, and to be honest, this resort is certainly a blossom! The soft mountains peak in the distance peering from a wealth of plantations of the beautiful spice (Vanilla). This little is land is dominated by simple living and is one of the few places on earth where time just seem to stand still, although unfortunately this is not the case!  This island has something for everyone, but this is especially the case for honeymoon couples. Defiantly worth a visit!


Next on my list is the wonderful island of Fiji, I have no idea why this tropical paradise is not featured as much when it comes to holiday and honeymoon destinations. Fiji and the Fijian people are not what the stereotype would have us believe. Fiji is actually made up of a cluster of islands all of which are inhabited full time. But the majority of the population are split between the two islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Accommodation on Fiji is numerous and plenty, and each resort has its own USP’s, there are simply too many places to list! The climate remains fairly stable through the year but the peak times to visit in regard to perfect weather is between late march and right the way through to early December. 


I am a writer and and a traveler, I travel all around the world and write reviews on destinations and landmarks that I have found on the way. Hope that you enjoy!...(Read More)

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