How a Home Security System Can Pay for Itself?

How a Home Security System

A security system has the potential to save you so much money that the savings total more than the cost of the security system, but some people may read the title and think that the security system will get a job at your local gas station and start chipping in with the rent. The security system is not going to earn an income, but from the point of view of an investor who understands money -- it is a must-have item.

The mind of those who understand money

People who understand money know that increasing your wealth is an uphill battle. Even if you keep all of your money in the bank, it will still be worth less next year than it is this year. It is very rare that the interest in a bank beats the rate of inflation in the long term. If you want to keep your financial situation improving then you have to find a ways of lowering your costs, increasing your income and protecting the money you have. A good security system will help you protect your money and may even help you lower your expenses.

The most important reason you should protect your money

To help you understand how important is is to protect your household items, do a little test. Think of all the rooms in your house and make a rough estimate of the total amount of money the items in each room are worth. Now add up the totals to get a very rough estimate of how much all the items in your house are worth; no doubt it is a staggeringly higher figure than you first imagined. Now, consider how much money you earn per hour and divide your total house figure by your wage to get the amount of hours you would need to work in order to re-purchase all the items in your house. For most people the amount of work hours required is going to total more than a year, and if you factor in the amount you need each year for living expenses and bills, the real amount of hours would be closer to five or ten years. Would you prefer to work five years for nothing? Or would you prefer to protect your money by securing your house?

Home protection

A home security system will lower the chances of you being burglarized. It is not because a security system has lasers and cameras; it is because all thieves are opportunists. A thief will train himself/herself to be on the lookout for opportunity. When you put a security system in your house a thief will recognize it as an obstacle, so that unless you give them a strong enough motivation (such as leaving your wallet next to the kitchen sink near the window) the thief will think twice and avoid your house. Security experts call this "protection by deterrence;" it is why they have big imposing muscular men as bouncers.

Reducing your loss

If a thief wants to get into your house then he or she is going to get in. The illusion of safety at home is what keeps most Americans from losing sleep, and it is why the spate of home invasions during the '00s worried so many Americans (thankfully they are less common now). The more time a thief has while avoiding detection, then the more the thief can steal. A security system will alert you, and will usually alert all of the neighbors too. Even if the whole street is empty, very few thieves will stick around to steal a little more when lights and sirens are going off.

Lowering overheads

For those people who have home insurance, a security system is an absolute must. All home insurance firms charge higher premiums for homes without a security system. You will also find that homes with advanced and expensive security systems can save hundreds of dollars per year on insurance premiums. A security system that costs thousands can pay for itself in as little as five years through home insurance savings alone, after which time the savings all go in your back pocket.

The choice is yours. Would you like to spend the next five or ten years working to replace your treasured items? Or would you prefer to make a single investment that will protect your money for years to come? Would you prefer to pay more for your home insurance and run further risk of your home being burglarized? Or would you sleep better knowing that if any unauthorized intruder enters your house that both you and the rest of the street will know about it?


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