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dallas: How do you reserve the best table at a great restaurant?
By: Sabrina   |    Flight Attendant
October 14, 2011   |   3 Responses

Hey friends! I'm trying to plan a night out in Dallas for some potential investors that are coming into town for a meeting. I really want to impress them by taking them out for some of the city's finest dining, but I also want to make sure that we get the absolute best table in the house. Do you have any suggestions or inside info on how to ensure that we'll be seated in the best location?


Chad Chisholm commented on October 16, 2011

I suggest building relationships with the restaurants- you will always receive great service if they know who you are in advance and you've already done something nice for the restaurant that you are wanting to impress your clients with. Whether that is planning your next family outing there, writing a piece on the place, or sending some great business their way, you're sure to have a better and detailed-oriented experience when you are trying to look good for your own clients for using the restaurant. Amazing relationships can be built with some of the top places in town, but it certainly takes time!! Good luck and I hope it all goes well!

Eric Meyers commented on October 14, 2011

Hey Sabrina, you've come to the right place. One of our contributors wrote a piece about the best way to go about securing the perfect table a while back. He says to mention the importance of the dinner when you make the reservation, always be polite, and call to confirm as the date approaches. It doesn't hurt to stop in and make the reservation in person either (before the dinner rush of course) with a little green gratuity for the host. Heres a link to the main article: Have you decided on a location? Last time I was in Dallas a friend took me to Dragonfly in Hotel ZaZa and we had an amazing experience.

Eric Meyers commented on October 14, 2011

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