How Golf Spa Breaks Might Improve Your Game without Alienating Your Family

It can be hard to get in enough golf during the normal working year; and it can be very hard to improve your game when you can only fit in one round a week. Golf spa breaks are one way to take some time to really work on your putt, or get your swing form just right for the upcoming season – though of course if you decide to take a golfing holiday you may need to do it solo, or without the younger members of your family.

Essentially, most golf holidays are unsuited to anyone who doesn’t like golf. They tend to take place in complexes that aren’t close to anything much, other than countryside – so unless your companion or companions enjoy rambling or propping up the hotel bar, there’s not a lot for them to do.

Golf spa breaks offer a slightly different perspective – here at least there are spa facilities to keep others happy while you go and work on your long range putting. It must be noted, of course, that a spa might not hold its appeal for the same length of time as a golf course – and that it’s unlikely to be of much use to younger members of the family. So, in general terms, going away to a combination golf course and spa location is more likely to be a short break – say a weekend or a long weekend – than a family holiday.

It can be pleasant to make a foursome, or a group of coupes, and take a break at a golf spa: the golfers get to go off and play during the day, while their partners can enjoy a leisurely spa weekend. The dynamics of a multi couple holiday work quite well for golf spa breaks – they mean that you don’t have to spend all of your time with your golfing buddies, and your partner can enjoy a long day in a spa without feeling that he or she is neglecting your needs.

Variety, then, is the name of the game. So when choosing a suitable venue, it’s as well to bear in mind that the more options everyone has, the more fun your weekend is likely to be.

From a golfing point of view, it can be nice to enjoy a couple of different courses. One course alone and you run a risk that a specific wind direction or type of weather will ruin play; plus of course if that course is too difficult, your weekend is likely to turn out miserable. If you can wangle it, golf spa breaks featuring more than one course to play on give you a breadth of choice that’s practically guaranteed to keep everyone interested – and keep you happy no matter what your current level of play.

For the spa part of the equation, variety is to be found in the umber and choice of treatments available to attendees. Just as a golf weekend is made more interesting when there is variation in the holes, so is a spa day made more interesting by being able to mix and match treatment types.

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Drusilla Anderson is a freelance content writer. In this article she has explained how you can enjoy the game at Golf spa breaks without making your family feel alienated.


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