How to be a Fashion Photographer

A career in fashion photography doesn’t seem to be a far-off dream nowadays. With its huge audience, high paycheck and glamorous lifestyle, fashion photography is like one of the most sought after profession in the world. If you have an artistic eye and know how to properly master your skill, there is an opportunity that you can really do well and carve a niche for yourself in this genre of photography.

In the following blog post, here are some tips for beginners starting off in the world of fashion photography.

Attend a Photography Course:

Fashion photography requires more than a passing interest in fashion trends. In order to excel, one needs to immerse themselves completely in the world of fashion. This will make you understand the creative and technical expertise required on how to produce a great fashion photograph. Some formal fashion photography trainingwill be an advantage. Such classes will hone your photographic skills better and bring out the potential fashion photographer in you.

Build your Own Portfolio:

A photographer most important tool is his/her portfolio. This is especially true for beginners, who are yet to make a reputation in the industry. Most fashion magazines and websites will see a collection of your work, before they decide to work with you. Although, internet is good medium to showcase your photos but still most industry professionals prefer to see an old fashioned book before they hire you.

A web can serve as your calling card but you need something to show your work when they call you for a meeting. It is common for most of them to read a story through your book. Tell a story, not necessarily having all the images related to each other. You can have different photos but based on a particular idea.

When you create your own portfolio, choose images that are thematically linked to the genre of fashion photography you want to be a part of.

Know the Fashion World:

Doing a thorough research about the fashion industry is important. This will make you familiar with photography trends the magazines and designers prefer. When you show your work to photo editors, try to stick to the theme or style they want. Your photograph must portray the idea or emotion behind the click.

Generally there are three types of fashion photographers – Magazine photographers, high Fashion photographers and catalogue photographers.

A magazine photographer needs to supply fashion photographers to magazine, newspapers or any other newsprint. They need to have proper contact with the publication they are working for. Most magazine photographers work via photo agencies that take the responsibility of marketing their works and getting them new projects.

A high Fashion Photographer works with the upper class of the fashion world. They are high profile and are highly paid photographers. They generally work from their studio or location. The reason for their popularity is years of experience and hard work.

A catalogue photographer works under a senior photographer. They work as an employee along with other technicians of studio to create a photo according to the client need and  senior photographer’s vision.

One important word of caution, when trying to showcase your photos find medium that matches with your professional strengths and limitations.

Develop Additional Skills:

In addition to learning photography, fashion photographers need a good understanding of other related areas like how to use specific software to edit images and create good photos.

Another important work for a photographer is to know about the business functioning of the fashion industry. As fashion gets more and more commercialized, one needs to learn the proper way to market his/her photos in the right direction.

Find a Photo Agent:

If you want to avoid direct confrontation with the photo editors or buyers, you can appoint a photo agency to do your work. Photo agents will sell the photos on your behalf. They are great help if you don’t want to do business yourselves. In short they make your life and income easier.

Display your Work in a Gallery:

If you are not interested in appointing a photo agent or you rather seem to prefer your photos themselves do the talk. Put them in the internet or display them in a gallery. Like any artistic photography, fashion photography is likely to take you high.

Before approaching a gallery to showcase your work, know about the gallery. It is important to know when are the times of the year when the gallery is opened for visitors. If possible, set a meeting with a representative of the gallery to know about their terms and policies about new entries. There are rules following if you want to make your collection viewed by specific collectors or want it for public show. As per the industry norms, 50% of the revenue earned is given to the artists, when your work is put up in a gallery.

Tristan Taylor

Tristan Taylor is a fashion photographer. He also takes an interest in architectural photography. He is associated with various photography workshops, seminars and spark sessions. Tristan conducts training courses in photography for the beginners and also for the advanced level. In his latest articles on fashion photography training in Dubai he shares some interesting ideas and helpful resources o...(Read More)

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