How to Boost Skin Collagen Naturally

The mirror claims you are over 40, but the spirit inside feels 30.

That annoying forehead crease, those upper lip lines and the wrinkles under the eyes are starting to bother you more and more lately.

But plastic surgery is expensive, Botox is not only poison voluntarily injected in your body but often results in the infamous “Oscar freeze”, and all those creams and serums hardly do anything to your collagen-starving face.

increase collagen naturally DIY Facelift – The Fail Proof Formula to Increasing Collagen in Your Skin (Naturally!)

Feed Your Face – How to Increase Collagen Production

Before we get into the most effective natural collagen boosters, let’s get one thing clear:

There are 2 ways to stimulate collagen production in your skin. One works, the other one doesn’t.

1. From the Outside (collagen creams etc)

2. From the inside (“Encouraging” your body to produce more collagen).

Can you guess which way works and which doesn’t? I bet you can.

Why Collagen Creams Are a Waste of Your Hard Earned Money

For many of us the expensive collagen creams are hope in a jar. They claim to reduce wrinkles and plump up your skin, but scientists say they are wasted money in a jar.

The collagen molecules in these creams are simply too large to penetrate the skin. They just sit there on your face, drinking coffee and chatting, until they are washed off your face down the drain, along with your hard earned money.

The Fail Proof Formula to Increase Collagen Prodcution in Your Skin

Collagen is critical to keep your skin elastic and give it a plump, youthful look – But production declines with age.

But this doesn’t mean we have to surrender to time. There are a few remarkably effective and natural way to boost collagen in your skin and make it as glowing and plumped as it can be...

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