How to Clean a Mens Tie

Mens Tie cleaning: There are many ways that a tie can get dirty, a coffee stain, juice, ink, or maybe you would just like clean things up. There are some precautions in cleaning ties. It is always important to first find out what kind of fabric your tie is. This is important because different materials with react to different types of cleaning. If you do not follow this step is it very easy that your tie will shrink. It is recommended to flip your tie over your shoulder while eating or drinking. This is a great way to prevent stains from ever getting on your tie, but accidents do happen, follow these steps to clean your tie. Visit to get the best collections of tie 

If you spill anything on your tie such as coffee, juice, or ink, the main thing is to blot and not rub. Rubbing the stain will make the stain spread through out the tie and it will be unlikely that you will save your tie. Once you have finished blotting, moisten a clean rag and slightly rub the infected area. If the stain starts to come off, continue at the same pace. If at any moment you see that you are doing more harm than good, stop immediately. After you have stopped rubbing, put your tie underneath a hair dryer to dry up the moist fabric. Be careful not to get the hair dryer to close to the fabric, it may cause permanent damage, especially with a silk tie.

If the method above does not work, you may try cleaning it in water by hand. The water will shrink the tie a little bit, that's why it is also to never put a tie in a washing machine. Soak the stain in water and slightly rub the stain with your hand. Also you may use a mild soap, but make sure you test this on the back of your tie. Tie brands that look the best!

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