How to Create a Last Minute Business Card Before the Interview

Part of completing a successful interview is offering the interviewer a professional business card. If you don't have business cards, here are five tips for creating a last minute card.

Information to Include

The most important elements to include on your business are:

  • Your name

  • Physical or mailing address

  • Telephone numbers including cell and fax

  • Website, even if it's a personal website or portfolio

  • Email address


The above items are points viewers of the card will look for first.

Take Advantage of Double–Sided Cards

It's not uncommon to see double-sided business cards today. The influx of social media networks may be the biggest reason for placing information on the back of a business card, but you can also include other things:

  • Twitter handle

  • LinkedIn URL to show that you're a professional networker

  • QR Code that leads to your website, services or product

  • Skype name or instant messenger name

  • Short list of expertise, products or services


Because you don't want the front of the business card to be too busy, take advantage of the white space on the back of the card, especially with your social media information.

Logos Are a Must

If you are interviewing in hopes of becoming a vendor or want to make a professional connection, your logo is an essential item to include on your business card.

The trick with logos is to make them attractive and cunning but not overwhelming—even if it's a personal logo. There's only so much space on a 2.5-inch x 3-inch business card so if the logo takes up most of the card, you won't have enough room for the important stuff.

Card Design & Layout

Many printers will aid you by providing many business card templates or offer a custom editor so you can design your own. Choose companies that only use high-quality card stock (15pt) and offer many templates based on category (designer, contractor, healthcare, etc).


Seek out reputable business card printers that also offer graphic design services if you have no idea how to design a card. Design services can be tremendously helpful in making that great first impression.

In addition, be sure to order overnight prints to assure that you will have them the day of the interview. Only utilize businesses that offer guaranteed next day prints. Even if you have to spend a little extra to have the cards in time for the interview—no matter what the purpose—consider the money you spend on next day business cards well spent.

Business Card Accessories

If you really want to gain professional attention, purchase a business card case or holder. These are quickly found so you don't have to search for cards in a wallet, purse or briefcase.


If the interview is to gain a partnership, form a venture or to become a vendor, added accessories include custom printed brochures, sell sheets, flyers and letterheads. Make sure these complement the card in a consistent manner to help build your brand whether it's for business purposes or for a personal job interview.


Using these five business card tips will ensure you look like a pro, and, if designed correctly, will impress any interviewer.


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