How to Create Top Lists

In your life, there must be a particular item, activity or person that you favor very much. If you are fond of collecting stamps, you must know some of the rarest stamps that you can hardly find easily. If you are fond of fishing, you must know some of the best fishing poles or some of the rarest fishes in the world. If you are fond of watching box office movies, you must know top ten movie actors and actresses that become your idols. 

Sometimes, you want to keep your knowledge about that particular thing for yourself; some other times, however, you may want to share that information to people who may have the same hobby and preference with yours. In order to make your publishing of that information a creative one, you may want to make a top-ten list, a top-twenty list, and the like of your favorite things. Top lists have become one of the most popular posts being posted online. If you want to make one, you can always make sure that your top list post will be viewed by many internet users.

Creating a top list is entirely not a hassle. You only have to make a draft of all things, persons or activities that you love very much and order them according to your preference. You can decide whether to put the most favored thing at the end or at the start of the list. If you want to let people know your most favored thing before they know other things that you less favor, you can put your most favored thing at the start of the list. On the other hand, if you want to make a climactic structure, you should put your most favored thing at the end of the list. You can then post your draft on your own website or on any websites where you can post your Top Dubstep Artists list.


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