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After figuring I didn’t need insurance, I learnt my lesson when I lost my brand-new iPhone.  I’d only had it a month and never even thought about insurance, isn’t that for careless people?  Guess I learnt my lesson.  When I had the expense of laying out for a replacement, I did not make the same mistake twice; I immediately made sure my new iPhone was insured.

I’d had some useful advice from friends and colleagues.  I was not tempted to buy the insurance products in the phone store; I looked into a number of online insurance providers who I found offered a wide range of different cover options at reasonable prices.  There were many options available that would have provided a hefty discount if I was also insuring other gadgets at the same time.  This is definitely the way to go if like most people today, you have a number of relatively expensive gadgets that can easily be lost or damaged.

One tip I would also offer that might save some of you money is to check whether your bank includes any free gadget cover as one of its offers for premium bank account holders. Some banks offer this service, though if you are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of this free cover, just check the details of the cover available. I understand that in some cases the amount reimbursed will not cover the full cost of the latest iPhone. However, if it’s a free offer, it’s certainly worth considering before you do opt to pay out those monthly instalments for a more comprehensive insurance package.

I also considered the option of adding gadget cover to my home contents insurance. Though this may have seemed an easier option, after all, I would only be managing one policy, I decided against it. Home content insurance is heavily discounted if you have managed to keep a no claims record and given I would lose this substantial discount if I made a claim for the relatively small amount to replace my iPhone, I decided that this overall would not be a cost effective method of insuring and most certainly would not have given me any peace of mind. Additionally, I believe the process for making a claim on iPhone insurance is very straightforward, with some companies dealing with it with one call and offering a 48 hour guaranteed replacement, this is most certainly different to the sometimes cumbersome process of claiming on home contents.

So I now have my expensive iPhone replacement, but with peace of mind that I have insurance cover should I suffer another unfortunate incident. Another point of view could be the fact that we do get other types of insurances in life at one point or the other because they seem important. In the same manner, we can consider iPhone insurance as important and a vital part of having a cell phone because lose and theft are common issues with smart phones these days as well as breaking your smartphone. So it is always great to know that you did not lose everything when you lost or broke your iPhone because you can get most of your data back from the iCloud backup and you can get the insurance amount to get a new iPhone. This way, you do not lose anything when you lose or misplace your iPhone.

 The two common problems with losing an iPhone is the loss of the data and the financial loss. People mostly recover most of their data with the help of iTunes, but financial loss is hard to cover especially when you do not have a contract iPhone. In such cases, iPhone insurance from £5.99 can help you ensure that you remain safe from both types of losses whenever you lose your smart phone. So always make sure to back up your iPhone every time you attach it to your personal computer so that you can ensure the safekeeping of your data and keep your iPhone insured so that you can recover from the financial loss whenever you lose your iPhone accidently. These are just some of the benefits of having iPhone insurance; the real world possibilities and benefits of having iPhone insurance could be endless.

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