How To File Your Taxes On Your iPhone

No one enjoys the process of filing their taxes and in the past you would have to spend hours, even days, filling out endless paper forms and sifting through a mire of complicated explanations and baffling phraseology.

Thankfully, the dawn of the smartphone age means that it is now much easier to handle your taxes without all of these potential obstacles getting you down, since there are a number of different applications designed to help you tackle the task head-on.

It is worth noting that most tax authorities have now made it possible for you to file your returns digitally rather than handling them manually on paper. This is a real boon, but since you cannot be expected to be at a desktop computer throughout the process it makes sense to use a smartphone application to give you convenient mobile access to such services.

H&R Block at Home

For those in the US this application can prove to be very useful when it comes to filing your federal and state taxes direct from your iPhone.

By taking advantage of your smartphone's camera you can capture an image of the relevant forms, like the W-2 and then attach this to your return before you e-file online.

Because the app takes into account both federal and state returns, it is possible to copy information from one to the other so that you save time that might otherwise be spend conducting repetitious tasks.

The app is free to download and use, which makes it particularly effective for business customers who want to streamline their tax return and also save money.

TurboTax Snap Tax

This app is similar to the first option in that it lets you capture your W-2 form using the camera and then file your tax return digitally.

It offers you the chance to get through the process quickly and easily, letting you work out how much of a refund you can expect after you answer a few simple questions.

The filing process will cost you $24.99, which might be a sticking point for some, but it is much cheaper than securing the aid of a professional to help you with your taxes and so from this point of view it could look appealing.

There are also a wide number of apps for the iPhone and other devices that will allow you to calculate the amount of tax you can expect to pay in a given year based on your salary, outgoings, expenses and other variables, within a given tax year.

These are a good way of getting a quick and surprisingly accurate snapshot of your current status, allowing you to plan ahead and get ready to file your return, whether you choose to do so digitally or using paper forms.

If you are looking for solicitors in Liverpool or throughout the UK may have a number of options to help you out with your tax situation, which may be necessary when you find that apps are not providing you with enough information.

Since all smartphones also have internet connectivity, you can use them to search the web and look for answers to your tax questions when you are on the move.

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