How to fit a television into your small kitchen

Within a room built for cooking, eating and entertaining, a TV is not necessarily high on your list of priorities when you are designing your new kitchen. However a kitchen TV can be useful in a number of different ways. There are a variety of innovative products available.

Don't need a TV in your kitchen? Think again. A kitchen TV is the ideal way in which to access televised cooking programmes and cook along   much more simple than legging it from the living room when you're attempting to cook up a storm.

On top of that, kitchen televisions are the ideal distraction from the chores you hate. Watching your favorite programs can help take your mind off the tedious nature of washing up, make cooking a Sunday roast much more appealing and even give you a chance to escape and watch whatever you like while the kids are indulging in cartoons and music videos.

Haven't got the space?
Some of the main excuses with regards to not getting kitchen televisions revolve around a lack of space in the room. However, with one of the vast array of space saving devices available on the market today, almost everyone has the space to fit a TV into their kitchen design.

Just a few of the kitchen TVs available include flip down models, cabinet door TVs, pop-up versions and splash back televisions, all of which can be fitted into the average size and even the compact kitchen.

Flip down TVs
In the kitchen, wall cupboards often mean you might be lacking in the necessary wall space upon which to hang a TV. The flipdown TV overcomes these difficulties by hanging beneath your kitchen cupboards with the ability to be flipped down when you want to watch it and flipped up again to keep in out of the way. They can be bought in a range of colors and some models even come with a DVD player.

Cabinet door TVs
Cabinet door TVs basically do what they say on the tin   they are mounted on the front of your cabinet doors. These TVs are great as they don't take up any space within the cupboard and they are permanently visible.

Pop-up TVs
These devices take a little more installation than other types but they are super smart. Installed into a cavity behind your kitchen cabinet, they are accessed by pressing a button on the worktop whereby they pop up and are ready to play.

Splashback TVs
Waterproof and wonderful, the splash back TV can take pride of place in your kitchen   behind the cooker or on any wall even where it might get wet. These are extremely sleek TVs offering the ultimate in style.

Incorporating a TV into the kitchen needn't be a difficult process, especially with the choice of products on the market today.

Jess Taylor writes regularly on kitchen design for a range of home decorating and renovation websites and blogs. She recently discovered the range of kitchen televisions available and has used them in her own home design. Jess is currently renovating a period property and has chosen the pop up TV as a feature within her kitchen. She wanted a model that could be concealed when not in use as her kitchen is very traditional in its appearance.

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