How to Join Pinterest and Share Your Collections with the Online World

As a writer who works from home, some days I need a change of scenery. On those days I head with my laptop to my favorite coffee shop. It’s close to home; it boasts free coffee refills; and it offers a reliable, complimentary WiFi service. Another thing it offers without even trying is an endless inspiration for new articles. An example would be the article that you’re reading right now!

My favorite seat is an overstuffed chair in a corner of the café. It’s comfortable, and the large window affords a view of the outdoors. My friends actually joke that I have a corner office! Just a few months ago, I was relaxing there when a group of college students came into the café. While they waited for their coffee they were chatting about a new social networking site called Pinterest – something I’d never heard of before that moment. So I did what any normal human would do – I Googled it. But when I looked it up, my first impression was that it seemed like it was a bunch of women sharing recipes and crafts.

Becoming One of the Privileged on Pinterest

Later that evening while enjoying dinner with my wife, I made a similar comment which was met with an icy stare. Apparently I was clueless about how Pinterest works, and I was about to get an education. It seems that despite being founded by three men, and even though 97% of Pinterest users are members of the fairer sex, my wife’s new goal was to introduce me to the newest, fastest-growing social network.

When I created my own Pinterest account, the process was much different than it is today. Once my application was accepted, actually using the site was something like driving a Shelby Cobra, going from zero to sixty in about 3.5 seconds. It was a lot like what British author Terry Pratchett was describing when he wrote, “In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.”

In all fairness, Pinterest is a lovely website but for the simplicity of its design, becoming a member wasn’t a simple process at all. Applying itself was easy enough but there was a waiting period involved. While it seemed a minor annoyance at first, in hindsight the wait made me feel like I was joining the upper echelon of social networks and in less than a week I received a reply that included everything I needed to join the virtual bulletin board. For those who are recent members, here’s the process that the first 10 million or so members had to endure.

  • Request an invitation from a member.If I had gone this route and requested an invitation from my wife, then I would have become a member a lot faster. Using this method was quicker because it told Pinterest that you’re a real person. Now all that’s required is a valid email address or Facebook account.
  • Request an invitation from the site.At the top of the main Pinterest page, you’d see a button that said “Request Invitation” next to a blank box. You would type your email in the blank box, click the button and you would be on your way.
  • Share some pins.Whether it’s a recipe from your favorite culinary website that pays special attention to allergies or a picture of high school homecoming mums, your pin will show up in searches and on the “Everything” wall at some point, allowing people to share it at will.

What to Pin First?

After signing up, once you confirm your email address then you’re ready to start pinning. You can choose to make your boards for personal or public use. When sharing, it’s helpful to check the validity of the links. It’s really frustrating to click on a link leading to a website only to find out that the pin is no longer credible. Regardless if you’re pinning via your computer or via your phone, it’s also important to pin to the proper board the first time or you’ll have to go back and reorganize later.
Whether you’re a digital scrapbooker or a budding foodie collecting recipes to wow your family and friends, Pinterest will not only help you find inspiration for the things that interest you, but it will also give you a place to organize those thoughts in a way that you can come back to them over and over again while sharing them with the other millions of members on the site.

About the Author

Successful writer Mark Harris is also an online marketer, and his home office is his sanctuary. On days when he needs a change of scenery he takes his laptop to a local coffee shop where he enjoys complimentary perks like WiFi and refills of his favorite flavor of java. While researching for the articles he writes, he often runs across websites like which he shares with his beautiful wife who enjoys using Pinterest to save crafting ideas. A lot of their free time is spent outdoors, though, doing things like walking along the scenic beaches near their home in White Rock, British Columbia.

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