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How to Reward Yourself for Success

The smart way

You work hard, and you deserve to reward yourself in the best way possible. It might be hard to know when you should give yourself a reward or take a break from work, but itís not hard to figure out. Reward yourself as often as you want as long as youíre doing it the smart way. Donít waste your time or your money partying or purchasing items that wonít bring you happiness past your initial purchase. Take a look at this list and learn how to give yourself the best rewards the hard work and successes youíre responsible for.

1. Be Selective

The first step in rewarding yourself properly for your success is to be selective. Do you want to reward yourself for every small accomplishment like another day of work, medium sized things like a week of straight profit, or a big record breaking year? You can reward yourself for all of these things, but set some standards because theyíll bring you more enjoyment. Reach a goal, get a reward, itís pretty simple like that. Then be selective on your rewards. Make your rewards something significant, not just a night of drinking with your buddies. Do something unique, go somewhere new, get something awesome, improve something.

2. Take a Break

A great reward for success is by taking a break from the hard work that put you in this position in the first place. Donít be boring and stay at home, but go and do something amazing. Take a look at some travel blogs and pick something that sounds interesting to you. If youíre going to just spend your break relaxing, relax somewhere fantastic even if that just means flying to Vegas or heading to the mountains and lodging and a luxury hotel. Itís important to let your mind rest from your daily grind, so plan something to do, whether an activity like boating or skiing, or grab a new book to read while your away from the office.

3. Buy Awesome

There are a lot of great things to buy, new watches, electronics, cars, boats and more. Itís important when you purchase something new to do some research to make sure youíre buying something thatís truly awesome, not just popular or flashy. Donít just buy a Porsche; buy a unique, antique, or performance Porsche. Want a new cell phone? Donít settle for the same iPhone everyone else has, get something more powerful and unique like one of the new Samsung Galaxy phones (the 4th is due out soon, with a flexible screen).

4. Relationships

Often times putting in a lot of hard work and time in at the office means your relationships are put on the back burner. That might mean that youíre perpetually single, or that your significant other doesnít get to spend a lot of quality time with you. Use your recent success as a chance to give yourself the reward of improving or starting a relationship. If youíre single and know youíll be back at the 60+ hour work week grind soon and donít think you have time for a relationship, just spend some reward time having some fun relationships and not starting anything serious. If youíre married or in a long term relationship, spend some quality time together, eating at some great restaurants and buying each other meaningful and awesome gifts.

5. Be More Successful

The best way you can reward yourself for success is probably just to become more successful. Get a big bonus from a stellar performance at work? Take that bonus and invest it into something that will pay off big-time in the future like stocks, real estate, or a new business venture. The more you invest into your success now the more time and money youíll have to give yourself some great and well deserved rewards in the future.

Aimee Watts is a staff writer for Mobile Moo. She has spent ten years telecommuting full-time, and loves spreading tips and advice for fellow work-at-home parents. She loves gadgets, new ideas, and skiing with her two favorite people: her husband and teenage son. They live in Evergreen, Colorado.

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