How to Update Your Home with Eye-Catching Exterior Window Treatments

Upgrading aspects of your home is a great way to increase the value, as well as improve the ambience. Some updates are expensive, but there are ways to spend less without compromising quality. Upgrading your window treatments is a nice option. Here's how to do it.

Framing Your Windows

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There are many options for exterior window treatments. One popular choice is framing the windows in a color that complements your home. Depending on the style of windows, there are also several options of frames to choose. Casement window frames have side hinges that swing out, which help keep air flowing and good ventilation in the home. Multi-paned window frames look good with traditional homes, but also come in vinyl or metal for a modern and sleek appearance. Diamond-hatched window frames are popular in cottage-style homes, with muntins that create diamond-shaped panes of glass.

Classic-Themed Shutters

Another choice is adding shutters to the outside windows. This option is multi-functional, adding privacy and security to a home, plus protection against the elements in a storm. Shutters also come in various colors and materials, so you can choose the option that fits best with the style of your home. The construction options include wood, aluminum, vinyl, composites, and more. They help finish the exterior appearance of the house, and give a classic look. Manufacturers offer custom shutters for the sizes and shapes of your windows.

Options for Shades

Another great choice for interior windows is adding a shade. These come in a range of styles, which adds versatility. A popular choice is a roller shade, which is easy to open or close depending on the desired amount of light. Shades come in fabric, natural materials such as bamboo, or vinyl. Some contemporary shades even have motors for remote control access

Add Plant Life to Your Exterior

Window boxes are a popular choice for those who prefer a stylish yet classic look for their homes. Since you can plant flowers or other plants in them, they also add bright colors and greenery. Many European homes feature window boxes, so installing these provides an old-world feel that complements many different styles of homes.

Customization is Key

With many choices of colors and materials, these exterior window treatment options are fully customizable. You may choose to match the trim on your home, or add a whole new color as an accent. A splash of bright color is becoming more popular on homes that have neutral color schemes, such as browns, beiges, whites, and greys.  

Look Around the Inside Too

While you upgrade your exterior window treatments, it's smart to look at your interior treatments as well. Some styles will date your home, and may even counteract the updates you make on the exterior. One popular choice is adding blinds, since they are versatile and come in an array of options. You can choose wood, fabric, vinyl, or metal, and horizontal or vertical.

You can keep them closed for privacy, or open slightly to allow some natural light. Shutters are also a nice option on the inside windows, since they fit well with exterior shutters. Traditionally they are wood, but more modern companies make PVC or composite options.

Windows are a great way to add light to a home, and upgrading your treatments helps improve the appearance. What other techniques have you discovered for creating eye-catching window exteriors?


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