How to Use Light Therapy for Shift Work Disorder

Late at night, when most of us are sleeping, you are awake and working to provide us with medical care, keep us safe or create new products that we all need.

Shift work affects your well being and safety, mainly because you go against the natural need of your body to sleep at night and be awake during the day. This is why light therapy for shift work disorder makes so much sense.

Since your sleep patterns are mainly based on exposure to light, shift working often causes (among other problems) sleep problems – Specifically a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder – A disruption in the sleep-wake cycle.

What Does Shift Work Disorder Feel Like?

ou already know that shift work disorder is what causes your sleep problems, drowsiness and fatigue, but are you aware that it may also cause irritability, anger, depression, weight gain, disconnected thoughts, chronic headaches and reduced mental abilities (memory, decision-making and perception)?..

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