How to wear your beach sarong after summer

By Ama Addae | 10/25/2013


As beach season is over and the weather starts to cool down, you may slowly be packing away your summer wardrobe. You may inaccurately think that your beachwear is now futile post-summer, but don’t pack it away just yet!

Even though you may not be going to the beach anytime soon, we have a suggestion on how to still use your beachwear, specifically your beach sarong. It is really exciting to find multiple uses for your seemingly seasonal purchases.

Beach sarongs come in varying fabrics, prints, and sizes and hence can be a great accessory for Fall and Spring when used as a scarf or shawl. They can add a pop of color to your wardrobe while keeping you warm. They are generally the same shape as a traditional scarf and are large enough that you can fold it multiple times to make a great Fall or Spring accessory. Next time you buy a beach sarong, try to buy one which would work great as a scarf as well.


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