How Women's Fashion Has changed Over the Years

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Women’s fashions have always changed over the years. There are many reasons for this, including changes in clothing trends for women and the changing tastes of women in general. Here’s how women’s fashion has evolved over the years.


In the 1980s women’s fashion had more diversity to it than it has now. Many young women dressed in the style of valley girls, which was a preppy look that involved leg warmers and flared skirts. The 80s was also when the “new wave” fashion was in the style. This fashion trend involved women wearing jackets and leggings. The new wave caused many women to dress in styles similar to what female pirates would wear.

Designer Styles

Designer styles were huge in the 80s where women’s fashion was concerned. People who had the money to were travelling to shops in New York and Paris to purchase these designer styles in the two fashion capitals of the world. For those on a budget, mass clothing producers were famous in the 80s for creating cheaper versions of some of the hottest designer clothes in style at the time. Business women in the 1980s were wearing high end dresses and suits during the day and were changing into designer gowns for nighttime appointments and dates. In the 1980s the designer clothing women wore served a sign of the power they had in the world.

A Switch To Comfort

By the end of the 1980s women were getting tired of wearing designer clothes and were looking for something more comfortable. In the 1990s women began to prefer casual clothing over designer. All of a sudden the grunge movement was influencing how women dressed. Designer dresses and business suits were replaced with ripped jeans and flannel shirts. By this time women were deciding men shouldn’t be the only ones wearing comfortable, casual clothing. The 1990s hip hop movement caused women to start wearing baggy pants. This trend of wearing more comfortable and more casual clothes carried women through the 1990s and into the 2000s. All of a sudden business women were turning to more casual pants and dresses to wear to work.

Past Trends Recycled

When it comes to today’s fashion world past trends have been coming back in style at a rapid speed. The decades of the 1920s and 1930s as well as the 1980s still play a relevant part in the women’s fashion styles today. Old fashion trends often become modernised for today’s world.

In today’s current world of women’s fashions, casual has become the new dressy. This could, in part, be because women have become increasingly busy in today’s world and they are looking for clothing styles that accommodate their busy schedule.

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