How You Can Create Your Own Wealth

Are money worries ruling your life? You do not have to live like this. I know this may sound very harsh, but, YOU created this problem. Nobody is going to get you out of it and it will definitely not disappear overnight. Well, unless you have a winning lottery ticket, YOU’ll have to come up with a solution.  Therefore I’m going to share with you how YOU can help yourself to create financial freedom.

What's Not Working?

Can you envision yourself without debt? Instead of paying creditors month after month, what would you rather do with your money? How about taking a cruise around the world? Or, maybe you would prefer to use your own yacht or do a race around the world in 80 days?

Okay, maybe you do not have that kind of money, but it would be nice to spend your money as you wish. Until you can see yourself using your money for other things instead of bills, you will never initiate a plan to get out from under your debt. Don't settle for crap. Stop filling your creditors’ pockets for the remainder of your life. Influence the outcome.

What Adjustments will You Make?

If you are to make any changes to your financial situation, you need to take control. But that is only possible if you are aware of what needs to change before you actually implement the change.

So, what are you going to change to get your financial freedom? Remember that things will stay the same if you do not make some changes. Do you have a budget?  If so, are you sticking to it? A budget is very important to create wealth and you need to stick to it no matter what. Are you prepared to throw away your credit cards? Or, are you going to learn how to use them wisely? Maybe you need to learn that you cannot have everything that suits your fancy.

However, until you know what needs to change, you will not be able to fix the problem. Try to figure out why your finances are so out of control. Determine why you are wallowing in debt. Maybe you just have to change some of the things that you are doing right now. But figure it out and correct it. Frankly, you need to pinpoint what needs to change and be prepared to implement changes to realize your dream of creating wealth.

I’m sure YOU are one of many imaginative men and women, who want to start a business to create your own wealth. If you want to succeed in creating your own wealth you need to stop working for money. What does this mean?  Do I mean you must work free? No, certainly not, but if you want to be an effective business entrepreneur you need to train yourself to gain the necessary skills to be a successful business entrepreneur.

Let’s take a closer look:

If you lack the necessary customers to grow your business where will you find them? Well, take a look at your competitors. See what they are doing to get customers, learn from them and start implementing what you’ve learned to expand your business.

Many entrepreneurs have a higher educational background but nothing can to compare what you will learn in real life. The flip side of the coin is also true; many business entrepreneurs do not have what it takes to become successful.

Being a successful business entrepreneur does not happen overnight. You need perseverance, a creative mindset, financial astuteness and the ability to get the job done. Many just give up way too early. Hands on experience are the quickest way to arm yourself with all the abilities you need to succeed in creating wealth.

You see, that is where stop working for money comes in. If you are in a job, how can you apply that knowledge and experience to your advantage to create wealth? It is an attitude thing, you are in a job and while are in the job you take the opportunity to learn and build experience. With this gained knowledge you arm yourself for a better job opportunity or to start your own business. You are not focused on the money you earned; your focus is to better yourself to create wealth.

You were created with a brain. Your job is to be alert and spot problems that need a solution, because every problem is an opportunity in disguise. The ball is in your court. Success usually does not come overnight but by using your brain and the resources around you, you will be able to create something that others will be willing to pay for what you are offering; and that is a business entrepreneur.


Helena Zwarts lives on the West Coast of South Africa in the small coastal town of Velddrif. With a passion to help people she creates her life around enriching other people?s life with writings about life insights, business start-ups and entrepreneurial journeys. Visit Business Gateway to share your entrepreneurial journey. ...(Read More)

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