How You Can Help Your Garage Business Run Efficiently

Cars are an important part of most people's lives and they often need repairing. If you've got a garage business, or thinking of starting one, how can you run it more efficiently? From the staff you employ to the location you chose all help you to have a successful business.

The majority of people rely on their cars everyday and they can be a real inconvenience if they breakdown. This is why garages are still doing well despite the recession. However much disposable income declines peoples' cars will still need their annual MOT and essential repairs doing. If you work in this industry, how can you attract more customers and help the business become more profitable?

The Location is Key
If you're looking to set-up a business or need to move premises, then you should consider carefully the location of your garage. It needs to be easy to get to from a wide range of areas and should be simple to find from the main road. There should also be plenty of space for cars, both for customer parking and for you to work on them. If you need to move from one job to another, you want to be able to easily move cars around on dollies with heavy duty casters without bumping into things.

Be Organised
A garage that looks appealing and professional to customers will also attract more people. If the front area is littered with scrap vehicles and it's hard to see the main entrance, then potential customers will probably not trust you and try elsewhere. Consumers are more likely to think you're reliable if you have a generally tidy work space and good storage facilities. It's easy to move even heavy equipment away when you don't require it by using trucks or trolleys with casters.

Keep Staff Motivated
A motivated and happy workforce is more inclined to work well and remain within the business. Retaining employees is also a good way of maintaining customer service levels. Regular customers like the same mechanic to work on their car and it shows them that you're obviously a trustworthy business. It's hard letting go of certain parts of the business, but there is only so much work you can do yourself. If you hire skilled and competent staff, this will allow you to provide the best possible service to your customers.

Excellent Customer Service
The key to maintaining a profitable business is to establish long lasting relationships with your customers. If you do a good job for them once, then they're more likely to return the next time. Recommendations and word of mouth are also the best form of advertising, as people are more likely to trust someone they know rather than a phone directory or advert. A good way to instil trust in your business is to offer warranties on the work you carry out.

Any type of business thrives on excellent customer service. Combined with location, image and staffing levels it can drive a garage business forward.

Jonathan Bird writes regularly on the automotive industry for a range of websites and blogs. Prior to becoming a journalist he worked in automotive sales, providing an expert opinion on products from tyres and tools to jack and dolly casters.

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