Hunting Equipment Tips - Gear That Every Hunter Should Own

When it comes to hunting, there is definitely more to the activity than just buying a gun and heading out to the woods. The best hunters plan carefully before they go out. They consider the terrain, what the weather is going to be like, what the temperature is going to be, and the habits of the animals that they are hunting.

While you might be able to bag some game by just showing up on opening day, you are going to be much more likely to have a successful hunting venture if you think about your gear before you head out. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most basic gear options, and why you should consider all of these before setting foot in the woods (or wherever you are going) to hunt.


Your clothing is going to play a huge part in your success as a hunter. If you are not dressed to suit the challenges of your climate, terrain, and temperature, then you are not going to be comfortable, well outfitted, or well-equipped to handle the elements for the duration of the hunt.

Make sure that your clothing matches the extremes of what your terrain is going to look like. Is it going to be cold? Then make sure that you wear warm enough clothing to keep from freezing. Is it going to be hot? Make sure that you wear lightweight clothing that will not cause you to sweat and lose too much water. 
Your clothing could make or break your success by dictating how much time you will actually get to spend in the field before being overcome by the natural conditions.


Footwear might be the most important part of any hunting gear list. If you think about it, the part of your body that is going to have the most contact with the terrain and climate is going to be your feet. Whether you are in a warm or a cold climate, making sure to wear the appropriate footwear could mean the difference between a good day and a miserable day.

Make sure that you take into account where you are going to be walking before you choose what shoes you are going to wear. For hunting, you will probably want boots with a good, thick tread on them so that you can climb and make your way through rough terrain without slipping or sliding. You will also probably want footwear that is waterproof, just so that you don’t get your feet wet and end up being forced to spend the day in miserable, soaked socks.

Night Vision

If you are hunting at night (or even just spotting wildlife after sundown) then you might want to consider making the investment to buy night vision goggles. There is no better way to view wildlife after dark than with night vision, whether you are hunting or not. Having nocturnal optical gear like this can also help you to navigate after the sun has gone down… which could keep you from getting lost or turned around.


Having a GPS is even better than carrying a map. If you are planning on being in territory that you have not spent a lot of time in, then this is a very smart item to keep in your backpack. Among other things, a GPS can help you with all of the following…

  • Locating roads and/or highways
  • Locating objects or places of interest
  • Letting you know what your coordinates are so that you do not accidentally cross boundary lines into private property.

All of these pieces of gear are going to serve you well as you hunt, but always remember that the exact nature of your gear should be dependent upon the terrain. The location should dictate what you bring with you, so remember to modify the items in your pack and on your body to fit with what you plan on doing and where you plan on going. Always remember to pack warmly enough that you are not going to get cold! After all, it is much easier to shed layers in the heat than to add layers that you don’t have if it gets too cold.

About the Author:

Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer who lives in Austin Texas. She has a son and a daughter, and loves fitness, knitting, and yoga. Melissa was actually inspired to write this article while utilizing websites like for research and to figure out what she should pack for an upcoming hunting trip with her husband.

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