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I am fortunate to work at a Hyatt in San Diego.
By: Kimberly   |   
February 7, 2012   |   4 Responses

One of our excellent benefits is 12 FREE nights at any Hyatt, anywhere in the WORLD. I've covered the ones near me in California...and am hitting London, Paris and Cologne in the fall. Which, in your opinion


vision20 commented on June 13, 2012

Park Hyatt Vendome hands down. But then again the new Park Hyatt Hadahaa in the Maldives is up there as well.

Alicia D. commented on February 26, 2012

Madrid! Love it!

lordnik95 commented on February 15, 2012

Italy or Greece

David.S commented on February 9, 2012

Paris would be very nice in my opinion.

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