Ideas To Use Number Plates For Gifting Purpose

When it comes to finding a gift for close friends and loved ones, we usually get short of ideas and eventually settle down for traditional and safe gifts. Not many people can think beyond perfumes, jewelry, accessories, designer apparels etc. If you are among those people who always feel confused while selecting a gift, then keep on reading further. In this article, we will tell you some good options and ideas for using number plates for the gifting purpose.


There are considerably a lot of reasons for using replacement number plates. The major purpose is that it makes the vehicle stand out in the crowd. Using a customized number plate determines the individuality and interests of the vehicle’s owner and enhance the appearance of the vehicle itself. Since everyone desires to have an individual identity in the society, getting a customized number plate will definitely be a good option. There are several ideas that you can consider while getting a number plate designed for the purpose of gifting.  Let’s explore some good ideas one by one along with their USP’s.  I hope it helps you to make the right choice eventually.  


Ideas To Create Customized Number Plates


Funny And Hilarious Messages:If your friend is jolly natured or fond of cracking jokes in public or being sarcastic, consider getting his favorite word or some kind of funny messages printed on the plate. Make sure it should not exceed the permitted number of characters. Other than funny messages, you can also include words with expressions signifying the personality of your friend, like “Pooh, “Boo”, “Yi Mee! etc.  


Make It Amusing With Nicknames:Some people are well known in the society by their nicknames. If your friend has any special name or nickname given by his/her group of friends, then this probably can be the best option. Get your friend's nickname displayed on the number plate you have decided to give as a gift. This will not only have a sentimental value, but will also bring a huge smile on his/her face. You can shorten the name and use a combination of letters and numbers while designing the name on the plate such as J3NNY for Jennifer, J4CK for Jack etc.

Interest and Profession:You can also get the job, career or profession of your friend displayed on the number plate by using the specified codes for each. For instance, if your friend is an actor or an advertiser, then consider going for “P11 AYS” or “ADS” respectively. Other than professions and jobs, you can also get  their hobbies and interests printed on the plate such as “Fly Sky” to signify that your friend is fond of flying airplanes.

Car Models: You can also display your friend's interest in luxury cars and bikes replacement number plates. It is a great way to connect your friend with his/her desires by giving him such kind of a gift. For instance, “ AUD” will be best suitable word for someone who is fond of Audi cars. Likewise, “Jag” for Jaguar, “MERC” for Mercedes etc.


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