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In what occasions is it still acceptable to wear white after Labor Day?
By: Harley   |   
October 14, 2011   |   2 Responses

I know the saying, but does it still hold true today? And does it apply to just bottoms or tops too? Im taking a cruise with some people far more fashionable than me and I have a perfectly nautical outfit planned but will i get ridiculed for my white slacks?


Leandro commented on October 18, 2011

You know as much as I hear that the rule is outdated, it still irks me when I see people in white pants in December. It just doesn't look natural to me.

Eric Meyers commented on October 18, 2011

Hey Harley, sorry for the delay here, but I wanted to make sure I didn't lead you astray so I checked with our fashion department. The consensus seems to be that its more about the fabric than the color. Don't wear a lightweight in white, but you can wear a heavy wool in white during the winter months. A lot of people we asked also said that a slight off-white is a good alternative. For the most part, the rule is antiquated, and once you leave port all rules are off anyways so suit up those whites and lace up your Sperrys!

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