Incredible Experience at Lodge at Sedona, Sedona AZ
By: Sedona RJ   |   
September 23, 2011   |   1 Comments

Lodge at Sedona

Guest Experiences of the Lodge at Sedona

First sight of the Lodge evokes welcome, warmth, and tranquility.
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable
Culinary Delights…
Each morning, a delectable surprise…food fit for royalty (and we feel we are!) Beverages available for all tastes. Mid-afternoon snacks, who can resist? Hors d’ oeuvres to savor with a glass. A wide range of restaurant recommendations and reservations made just for us!
Our Room…
Whispering Wind…Romance abounds, soft light, music of love. Warm fire on a chilly autumn night. Lovely comfortable appointments; bubble bath for two by candlelight, private shaded patio inviting rest…no reason to leave.
Spiritual, serene, prayerful meditation walking the secret gardens for two…tall pines and native plants secure at peace. Each garden unique and inviting.
Water gently spilling over rocks and fountains setting the mood. Wind whispering through the trees, cicadas chirping as one, birds adding their melody of harmony.
Thank you…
For an unforgettable experience… at the Lodge at Sedona

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