Invisible Thread Can Help Thwart Knockoff Fashions

Christian Muller/Chalmers

As counterfeit fashions become more prevalent, luxury fashion brands need to start doing whatever they can to help thwart the piracy. This invisible thread not only seems like a good deterrent, but it also seems easily implemented. However, how can we consumers use the technology for our own advantage?


The thread, produced in the lab by Chalmers researcher Christian Müller, has unique optical properties that can be used to create patterns invisible to the naked eye, but which can be seen under polarized light.

"I made the discovery in conjunction with a rather fundamental study looking at the optical properties of different polymers," Müller told The Local.

"I found that, by weaving the threads I could create different, unique patterns."

He explained that clothing manufacturers could start using the thread right away to put a signature pattern in their products.

"The production process itself is very simply," he said. Read More

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