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iPhone 5 Unboxing Images Leaked
By: D. McMillin   |    September 18, 2012   |   1 Comments (0) (0)


I consider myself a pretty big tech head, but I never really understood the popularity of (or the joy that people get from) videos and images of unboxing tech products. Whatever the case, photos have been leaked that show what the insides of the iPhone 5 box is going to look like for millions of Apple customers in a couple of days.


The iPhone 5 doesn't hit stores until this Friday, though photos of its insides have already hit the Web.

The insides of the box it comes in, that is.

Boy Genius Report today posted just three photos of Apple's latest iPhone model getting unboxed, a time-honored gadget tradition.

Inside are few surprises -- short of just how much space Apple's EarPods and their carrying case take up compared with the USB wall plug and new USB to Lightning cable. Continue Reading

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Matt Logan commented on September 19, 2012

You're totally right, I still don't know what the fun of knowing what the packing looks like. it's just after tomorrow and every thing will be available (user's reviews, screen shots, app demos, ..... etc) Regards, Matt

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