Iris Van Herpen's 3D Printed Couture Leads Fashion into the Future

Ever since 3D printers were introduced, fashion has been taking a unique turn with Iris van Herpen at the helm. According to the fashion team, Iris has opened up the floodgates for 3D fashion design and fabric manufacturers. She has taken thinking outside the box to a whole new level, which is clearly demonstrated in any of her 3D collections.

Iris' high-fashion designs are futuristic, yet chic, elegant and sassy and are often inspired by elements from the environment. It is considered to encompass the concept of regeneration. Not only is the couture made with 3D printers, they are three-dimensional in every way.

Haute couture has never been challenged in this way before and Iris does it brilliantly. The 3D fashion designs are curvaceous and celebrate the female figure rather than minimize the naturally curvy shape. The runway shows come alive with dresses that look as though they are made from interconnected plastic tubing and other asymmetrical geometric s, with three-dimensional material as well as the designs.

Her 3D design philosophy is "to fuse the artisanal with the technical to create a kinetic dress which dances as it amplifies bodily movement" - truly an exciting and insightful approach to the use of new materials and techniques.

She has mastered the combination of digital technology with her unique vision and artisanship. "For me fashion is an expression of art that is very closely related to me and to my body. I see it as my expression of identity combined with desire, moods and cultural setting."

Iris has collaborated with several artists and architects, such as Julia Koerner, to create womenswear collections such as Biopiracy, Embossed Sounds and many of the haute couture collections as well. With names like Wilderness Embodied, Radiation Invasion, Chemical Crows and Escapism Couture, one can imagine the limitless nature that 3D design and printing can provide.

For those interested in specific materials and printer, Iris usesĀ  flexible material by Materialise and Stratasys' unique Objet Connex multi-material technology which allows both hard and soft materials to be integrated in one sitting. Obviously, the designer and her collaborators must understand the technologies capabilities to be able to successfully build three-dimensional garments that are elegant, well constructed and state-of-the-art.

Van Herpen noted her feelings toward the new medium of 3D printing and fashion, "I find the process of 3D printing fascinating because I believe it will only be a matter of time before we see the clothing we wear today produced with this technology, and it's because it's such a different way of manufacturing, adding layer-by-layer, it will be a great source of inspiration for new ideas."

Iris Van Herpen's 3D fashion is on the hot watch list, as she is already considered to be the leader in 3D fashion and she is just getting started.

Sandra Faleris

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