Jack Rogers Launches Sorority Sandal Line

We aren’t sure if designer Jack Rogers missed the mark with the release of a new line of sandals targeting female Greek life, but the kicks definitely have sororities and the fashion world a buzz. The brand is absolutely a preppy label worn by the likes of Jackie Onassis who made the sandals iconic back in the 60s. However, is the luxury designer trying too hard with these?

The sorority line features a classic Navajo sandal in two-tone color options that match many sorority or college colors. Rogers’ site believes the open-toed spirit wear will be perfect for “football games, recruitment and walks around campus.” While sandals are always a versatile and comfortable selection, we wonder if this line will turn a profit for the brand or simply increase exposure. Greek life typically makes up for about 1/3 of a campus, even at huge state universities, so maybe this affluent niche is too narrowly-focused. We are guessing that Rogers’ staff and designers are banking on the fact that sororities can make the trends for a school and are the leaders and influence in style and fashion. Regardless of the outcome, releasing before school and football are in session was good timing.

Guess we will have to wait and see if Jack Rogers sorority sandals are sweeping the college nation. 

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