Jasmine and Green Tea The Spring and Summer Fragrance Trend

Jasmine Leaves

Photo: The Scented Salamander

The Spring-Summer fragrance season is coming into its own and with it a new trend towards Jasmine and Green Tea scents. The slightly eastern touch, subtle and refreshing by comparison to some of the more traditional, western fragrances, is a welcome venture and several new fragrances are quickly shooting to the top.


If you pay attention to fragrant sillages in the streets of your city like I do in Paris, you will perhaps be able to pick up on a trend which I've spotted which says that women - and perhaps men too - desire to wear perfumes with a fresh and delicate note of jasmine tea. If you're feeling this is the answer to your unuttered prayers, here are some suggestions for shopping at the perfume counter.


Zadig et Voltaire, the French niche fashion label now in the States initially launched a milky debut fragrance Tome 1 La Pureté which I called a "patchoulait" with a note of jasmine tea which has now been spun into two different recent releases for men and women, La Pureté for Her and Him. (Read More)


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