Jennifer Aniston's Purported Wedding Causing Too Much Buzz

Aniston Wedding Covers

This clever and well-written article over at the Houston Press discusses the ridiculous extent to which tabloid and celebrity magazines have pushed the possible wedding between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.


I get two things out of this. One; the only indication there may be something to this beyond a concerted effort by the gossip mag industry to see if they can break their own record on wedding-themed covers (recently set by the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton) is that it's lasted past the release of their movie (Wanderlust). Two: Aniston getting hitched is what amounts to a quantum spacetime boundary event, in which future celebrity gossip phenomena will no longer have an effect on us. It's science, people.

So, according to USA Today, the paper that helped turn almost every other metro daily in this country into a Hyatt Hotels kids' menu, Aniston's fans have really been pining for their tarnished queen to find true love, because she's apparently more deserving than they - or anybody else - are. Read More


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