Jennifer Lopez Dress Slips, Flashing Nipple

Jennifer Lopez performing in Bologna, Italy, the night she had

Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Lopez has joined the long list of female celebrities who have experienced a "wardrobe malfunction," which led to her nipple being flashed while performing on stage in Bologna, Italy. While J-Lo must have been appalled at the nipple peek, nearly every man on Earth has no qualms with what happened. 


Jennifer Lopez performed at the Unipol Arena in Bologna, Italy, Thursday, and as usual the singer opted for understated elegance in a modest, unassuming ensemble.

Just kidding! She wore a sheer, bedazzled catsuit that left little to the imagination. And concertgoers got even more of an eyeful when she experienced an unfortunate nip slip. (Girl, we can't tout the merits of double-stick tape enough.)

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