Jessica Chastain Striking in Yves Saint Laurent Campaign

 Yves Saint Laurent releases its newest fragrance, Manifesto -- the scent is high-impact, and so is the advertising campaign to rollout the perfume, per usual for the luxury brand. 35-year Jessica Chastain looks striking as the face for Manifesto, for which the tagline is: “Daring is an Art.”

The ad incorporates art as Chastain’s hands in the campaign are literally painted Yves Saint Laurent’s signature purple, against a white background with the same color splashed to the right. Her face and skin are a flawless pale tone, with red hair and ruby lips to accent. Truly gorgous. Mert and Marcus shot the campaign, accentuating a pared-down felinity look, same appeal as the renowned Saint Lauren. The new scent, Manifesto is reportedly described as a, “woody floriental,” with notes of jasmine, white corollas, lily of the valley, blackcurrant, vanilla, tonka bean, cedar and sandalwood. The bottle itself is even an hour-glass feminine shape cinched with a purple accent. Described as: “The amethyst-hued central section could call to mind a diamond-cut jewel or belt,” said Stephen Bezy, general manager of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute at L’Oreal Plus. I

f you are across the pond you can get the new perfume starting next month, but for the rest of us in North America we will have to wait until March 2012. And that’s not the last we will see for Chastain, she will also star in short films released for the fragrance reportedly shot from the director of Drive.

Allie Montgomery

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