Blue Star Jets partners with Veterinarian Dr. Cindy Bressler to launch JetSetVets. JetSetVets to offer in-flight Veterinary Care and all related private jet pet travel assistance. JetSetVets will donate large portion of proceeds to Animal Charities.


Blue Star Jets, a company that has long served an elite air travel clientele globally is now partnering with Dr. Cindy Bressler, the NYC and Hamptons based Celebrity Veterinarian known for making House Calls to the same clientele, to create the first ever private jet Veterinary pet service including in-flight medical care.

Jet Set Vets will provide in-flight medical care, assistance with preparation of pets’ travel documents, and work with Veterinary hospitals globally to ensure seamless transport and transition of care.

Dr. Cindy Bressler, a USDA certified house call Veterinarian, has been practicing in NYC and The Hamptons since 1994. Dr. Bressler, also founder of Hamptons Canine Concierge, approached Blue Star Jets to initiate the JetSetVets program after years of being commissioned to accompany pets in-flight while providing medical care for them and to continue care upon reaching the destination.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney, a celebrity Vet in Los Angeles, will be the West Coast Director of JetSetVets. 

JetSetVets will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from flights booked with Blue Star Jets to Animal Charities.

Interested travelers may contact Dr. Cindy Bressler for more information.

The JetSetVets program will begin immediately.






Jonathan Baskin

Dr. Cindy Bressler
Russell Baer

Dr. Patrick Mahaney


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