Jewelry Trends for 2014

Out with the old and in with the new, especially when it comes to all that glitters.

Nothing spices up an outfit like the right accessories, so in 2014, make sure you keep your home jewelry safe stocked with the year’s hottest and most elegant trends. From nature-inspired pieces to bold, bright colors, here’s what to watch out for.


Chunky Chains:
Here’s one type of heavy metal that won’t hurt your eardrums! Statement necklaces are always in, but this year, be on the lookout for chunky, notice-me chains in yellow gold and sterling silver adorned with everything from tiny padlocks to metal knots. You'll also be able to find this trend draped around wrists in the form of rock 'n roll-style bracelets.

On the Fringe:
From dangling earrings to cascading necklaces, fringe is in this year. Delicate metal chains and pretty beaded strands make for some playful yet elegant pieces well worth your while. If pendant necklaces are more your speed, nothing dresses up a colorful stone like a fringed tassel to add a little extra style.

Words, Words, Words:
Who needs to wear their heart on their sleeve when you can hang your thoughts around your neck or dangle them from your wrists instead? Whether you’re into single syllables or inspirational quotes, spice up any ensemble with a wordy piece or two. Simple, iconic words spelled out in twisted metal, pendants with full sentences written on them large, and dangling letters spelling out your favorite phrase will all be taking on the jewelry scene by storm.

Back to Nature:
Nature-inspired pins, bracelets, and rings are all the rage in 2014. Give your look a glamorously organic finishing touch with a piece or two adorned with twisting branches, sparkling gemstone flowers, or delicate crystal butterflies and dragonflies. Be on the lookout in particular for tree branch rings and bracelets and brooches embellished with woodland creatures.

Stack It Up:
Layering bangle bracelets is nothing new, but this year, switch it up by combining contrasting materials and textures. For example, gold and silver take on new life when juxtaposed with rose gold or copper; or, for something even more daring, set a shiny metal bangle next to a woven friendship bracelet or two.


Color Saturation:
Bold pieces in straightforward shades like green or yellow add a pop of color to the most basic of outfits. Think back to high school geometry, but with a fashionable twist: Circles, triangles, rectangles and squares are a lot more fun when they're this colorful! Not only that, but all those clean lines and bright shades will make sure your friends always something to talk about, too—that is, your fabulous jewelry collection and your home jewelry safe.


All in Good Time:
From wristwatches to necklaces, timepieces are getting dressed up in a big way this year—whether or not they’re actually functional. Sparkling crystal details, colorful bands, and bold metal faces will make sure you're always on time. No need to hide them in your home jewelry safe, show them off!

Snow White:
Given that the winter white trend has stuck around so long when it comes to clothing, it’s no surprise that it’s finally made its way to jewelry as well. A thoroughly modern look, a few snow white pieces lend grace and sophistication without overwhelming details.

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