Jim Corbett Reserve, now entices you with different adventurous activities

Jim Corbett National Park India

species roaming independently in their natural habitat. This is the only place of interest for the animal and nature lovers where they can not only admire the natural beauty but can also find the opportunity to encounter the wild species very closely.

Jim Corbett National Park is among such astonishing wild reserve that promises the conservation of the wild beings as well as offers the best touring opportunities for most of the people who esteem the natural world so brilliantly. Covering at least 1319 sq km of area, the Jim Corbett reserve in the Kumaon area of the Himalayan foothills in Uttaranchal has many attractive features to invite large amount of visitors every year in the captivating location.

Established in 1936 in the honor of the legendary hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett, this astonishing tiger reserve is best known for the preservation of the deteriorating tiger species. Apart from that there are too many exciting adventure activities in Corbett that can be enjoyed completely while making a phenomenal trip to Jim Corbett National Park.

Interestingly, the first national park in India beholds wide varieties of wild species including Indian Tiger, Leopard, elephant, Barahsingha and many more that can be discovered amidst the natural surroundings and picturesque environment. The trip to this reserve can be made more enticing with various adventurous activities including:

·       Wildlife Safaris - best known for different wildlife safaris that cover Jeep, Elephant and Canter safaris to have a close encounter of the wild species through protected mediums. The choice is yours. You can select any of the mediums for any entry gates and can enjoy the jungle trip.

Rafting on Kosi River- with river rafting on the Kosi River, you can have yet another adventure activity in Jim Corbett preferably in monsoon season. This rafting session can be continued for about 30 mins on one of the most glittering rivers in the Kumaon ranges. With the attractive II or III rapids, the river rafting experiences in Corbett Reserve are increasingly growing.

· River Crossing- River crossing on the Kosi River can also be enjoyed while making an adventurous trip to Corbett where you can cross the challenging streams with the help of the specified equipments along with the team of the professionals. It also includes walking on a small string with the support of a rope; of course with the help of the expert instructors. Apart from that tourists can also enjoy fishing and angling on the Kosi River for more fun and adventure.  

Thus, the Jim Corbett National Park has everything to offer you when you step into the world of the jungle. You will not only be provided with the jungle and wildlife tour but can also make rejoicing and thrilling experiences through adventure activities in Corbett.


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