John Mayer - Musician, Celebrity... Accessory Designer?

Barrett Alley

Like the writer of this HuffPost article, I was blown away by the fact that John Mayer designs fashion accessories. What's even more shocking about this fact is that the wallets he's released through Barrett Alley are really good looking additions to the company's line of accessories. Do you agree, or should he just stick to music?


OK, raise your hand if you knew John Mayer had a side-career designing accessories. Bueller? Bueller?

Now raise your hand if you are not at all surprised that John Mayer has a side-career designing accessories. There, that's better.

Thanks to Coco Perez, we have been made aware that John Mayer is designing a limited edition line of wallets with leather company Barrett Alley for a collab called Barrett Alley x John Mayer. The flimsy, fold-over pouches are a follow-up to Mayer's two bracelet collections, also created as part of the Barrett Alley x John Mayer collaboration. Read More

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