Joseph Gordon-Levitt Saves (Yet Another) Day

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Not only does he travel into people's dreams and know how to rock a bicycle harder than Lance Armstrong, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proven that he can also save a damsel in distress in the real world. Luckily he was near to Anne Hathaway when her dress strap snapped, because he quickly came to her rescue and offered up his pin to hold up the starlet's outfit. Who would have seen all this coming when they were watching 3rd Rock From the Sun? I sure didn't.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt may look like just a total swoony heartthrob (and, oh yeah, an amazing actor), but beneath that crinkly-eyed smile lies the lionheart of a fashion hero.

No, seriously.

At last night's Critics Choice Awards, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was seated next to Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the strap on her vintage-inspired floor-length Oscar de la Renta dress snapped! Read More

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