Justin Bieber delivers a bratty acceptance speech

Justin Bieber and Mother

Steve Granitz

Justin Bieber showed off his age and bratty side at the American Music Awards over the weekend.  He was awarded the first award of the evening, and instead of a gracious acceptance speech, he went off on the "haters" who thought his career wouldn't last.  News flash Bieber.... you're only a couple years in to your career and you got your start as a child star.  Don't get an attitude or ego about how long you're going to survive in the business.  You aren't immune to an early fame experation date.  Your fan base of 'tweens will grow up, their tastes will change, and you'll be feeling the fate of many a boyband/pop act.  I personally don't think you're going to be around as long as you're thinking.  Sorry dude.

Justin Bieber took home the first award of the night at the 40th annual American Music Awards--Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist--but instead of his usual positivity, he set a rather bratty tone for the remainder of the evening. 

Instead of leading off with the usual accolades (you know: God, parents, hard-working staff, that sort of thing), Bieber chose the rubbing-in route for his thank-you speech. "This is for all the haters who thought I'd be around for 1, 2 years," he announced, adding, "I feel like I'm gonna be here for a very long time."  Click here for more.


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