Kanye West's Questionable Performance Fashion

Team Kanye Daily

Whether we're talking about his kilt or one of his weird facemasks, Kanye West's latest foray into questionable performance fashion is definitely the oddest thus far. In a recent show in Abu Dhabi, the rapper wore a strait jacket while performing. What do you think of this latest fashion statement?


From leather kilts (don't call it a skirt) to bedazzled masks, Kanye West has really been upping the ante on inventive rapper stage wear. His newest addition to the Yeezy Lookbook, however, may take the cake. (See photo below.)

West recently took to the stage in Abu Dhabi in some next-level outerwear. He had on a straitjacket (perhaps more commonly spelled "straight jacket"), restricting his movements and making clever commentary on the many times he's been called "crazy." (West has addressed this line of criticism before; at a recent concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he told the crowd that he's "not crazy," but rather "not satisfied.") Read More


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