Karl Lagerfeld on Avoiding Meetings and a Memoir

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Apparently Karl Lagerfeld has practically unlimited freedom when it comes to his work at Chanel: He hasn't gone to a meeting for the luxury fashion brand in 31 years! Likewise, the legendary designer says he'll never write a memoir, saying he wouldn't want to give the people who've wronged him the satisfaction of being mentioned whatsoever. 


Karl Lagerfeld likes to say yes. Yes to collaborations. (H&M, Macy’s, Shu Uemura…the list really never ends.) Yes to brands. (Not only does he design six collections a year for Chanel and four for Fendi, he’s got his own label to look after.) Yes to reporters. (“I’ll do anything for you,” he said to WWD‘s executive editor, Bridget Foley, before she interviewed him today at the trade paper’s CEO Summit.)

But he likes to say no, too, which we learned very quickly during their conversation. Take meetings, for instance. He just doesn’t do them. “I’ve never gone to a meeting in 31 years,” he says of his time at Chanel, where co-owner Alain Wertheimer “never interferes” with the creative process. Read More

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