Kate and her $78,000 Luxury Accessory

The always fashion-forward Kate Middleton has been sporting classy luxury looks and brands leading up to the Olympics as any fashionista in-the-know has seen. But Kate recently made headlines with one particular item that came with an astonishing price tag – a simple necklace.


So what are the details? Kate’s Olympic-style necklace is from luxury brand Cartier and is said to be from her personal collection. It also happens to come to the grand total of $78,000, a source at the Cartier store in London tells an industry insider.

The luxury necklace, made from white and yellow gold is from the Trinity range in the layout of five rings. Middleton deemed the piece “appropriate” even in the daytime, as the art event she was attending celebrated leading athletes at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


Megan Jenkins

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