Kate Middleton Doesn't Accept Free Fashion

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Contrary to what I assume many believed (mostly because I sincerely thought so as well), Kate Middleton actually doesn't accept any of the free fashions offered to her. However, it seems like this is more due to royal protocol rather than because of any beliefs she might hold. Nevertheless, she seems respectful of the populace enough to forego the handouts anyway... What do you think?


Ever wonder how all those designer clothes get into celebrity hands? More specifically, ever wonder how Kate Middleton picks all the designers, both famous and obscure, that she'd like to fill her wardrobe with?

We spoke with Katherine Hooker, one of the duchess' go-to designers, to hear about the process: how Kate discovered her, how she picks her clothes now, and that question we all want to know -- is it true that Kate does not accept free clothes? Read More

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