Kate Moss Picked Up as Face for Givenchy Glasses

Givenchy Eyewear

The Energizer Bunny... Err, nix that, Kate Moss has picked up yet another ad campaign from a fashion house. This time, she's been chosen to be the new face of Givenchy's eyewear division. With so many high-profile products she's currently fronting, it's soon going to be difficult to determine what ads we're looking at.


Kate Moss was discovered at age 13, has been telling us to get the 'London Look' in her Rimmel ads for 12 years, earned 9 million dollars since May 2012 according to, has done 6 campaigns this year and landed a beauty campaign with Kérastase. She was in the Louis Vuitton show this season for just 60 seconds, and was barely recognisable in a short dark wig, but she still made headlines around the world. Yep, there really is only ONE Kate Moss. Read More

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