Kate Upton the New Face of Accessorize


Fashion accessory brand Accessorize (creative, I know) has hired Kate Upton to be the new face of their latest campaign and men around the world agree that these are some of the best accessories they've ever stared at for twenty minutes straight. I mean, look at those accessories, seriously. 

She is the voluptuous swimwear model who has become a household name overnight.

The Sports Illustrated girl dismissed by Victoria's Secret last year as having 'the kind of face anyone can go out and buy' went on to land a coveted cover for Vogue Italia just months later.

And now Kate Upton is embracing her curves once more as the new face (and killer body) of Accessorize's Spring/Summer collection.

The 20-year-old can be seen doing what she does best: posing in an array of dazzling bikinis for the accessory chain's latest campaign. Read More

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