Kelly Clarkson misquoted multiple times by U.K. Mirror

Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson is seeing red after the U.K. Mirror misquoted her multiple times in a recent article.  Some of the misquotes include "No one on the planet should be as famous as me" and a claim was made that Clarkson battled anorexia.  Kelly, keep away from tabloid interviews!  What else did you think you'd get besides overinflated stories, quotes, and general misinformation?

Kelly Clarkson is fuming about being misquoted several times in the U.K. Mirror.  The singer and first "American Idol" winner covered the "Sunday Celebs" insert of the Mirror, reports Billboard, with a headline reading: "No one on the planet should be as famous as me." Read more about this tabloid interview-gone-wrong here.


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