Kids Choice Awards: The Voice of Youngsters

The Kids' Choice Awards are produced and broadcast annually by Nickelodeon to honor the favorites in film, music and television, as chosen by the young viewers of the channel. Usually, the ceremony is held in March or April and consists of musical performances, celebrity appearances, slime stunts and a lot of kid appeal. In contrast to other award shows that have suffered decreasing ratings, KCA has been topping its ratings year after year.

The History:

The show started in the nineties under the name, The Big Ballot, which represented the ballot children used to drop in their votes. After a lot of research, the network realized that the kids too want their voices to be heard when it came to choices and preferences, and would be thrilled by the idea of having some influence on pop culture. That very year, in the nineties, Nickelodeon carried out a national poll for the top picks in numerous different categories including, music, TV, movies, video games, books, and sports. The winners and recipients of the awards all paid their individual thank you's on a special program on Nickelodeon. In 1988, however, Nickelodeon overhauled the program and turned it into a proper awards show. During this time, the team also changed its name to Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. From the very beginning, big celebrities have been more than happy to be a part of the ceremony, and show how much their young fans mean to them.


The first owner of this award was handed a golden statuette. However, since 1990, a new design was created and presented to winners. This trophy is an empty orange blimp with kaleidoscope potential, which also comprises of the Nickelodeon logo.

Voting Process:

In the earlier days, apart from making use of ballots, children could vote at sponsors such as Pizza Hut or mail in their entries to a specific address. Now, in the digital era, voting is done entirely through text messaging, the Internet, application voting, and the like. Nickelodeon has also instigated a one vote limit on to avoid unjust voting practices. This is because in the initial days, the ballots experienced several adult submissions. Now more than 25 million children cast fair votes each year.

1994 was the very first time these awards were telecasted internationally, on United Kingdom’s Nickelodeon network. Now the event is shown on Nickelodeon channels in more than thirty nations, including Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Asia, Israel, Brazil, Australia, and Latin America. In fact, the Nickelodeon channel in Latin America creates its own awards, popularly known as Mis Premios Nick Mexico; similarly several other nations have also started their own adaptations of the Nickelodeon KCA: Australia, Brazil, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Indonesia and China.


Record-breaking winners of Kids Choice Awards comprise of Britney Spears who grabbed the record of winning the most KCA blimp-kaleidoscopes over the years. Apart from this, Will Smith has also won the special Wannabe and Hall of Fame Awards. In the year 1996, Whitney Houston became the first superstar to host Kids' Choice Awards show more than once. However, the famed Rosie O'Donnell has the record for having hosted the most number of ceremonies. The most popularly rewarded show till date in the function has been Spongebob Squarepants in the Cartoon category.

Since 2006, the KCA event has also been available via TurboNick, a broadband video facility that helps children to personalize their experience of the ceremony by choosing among numerous webcams to watch the perspectives of their liking - such as behind the scenes and audience cameras. However, in case you want to watch these awards live from the studio, that is equally possible with the assistance of good concierge services that have the contacts to offer its customers the hottest kids choice awards tickets and other 2013 VIP Awards Show Tickets. 

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